Welcome to Eat the Underground, a corner for stories of artists making ridiculous, beautiful, inspired work in the underbelly of New York. For years we were telling these stories in various outlets, and for years there were more we wanted to tell. And we couldn't take it anymore. So this is our space. Here you'll find tales of dance, comedy, film, music, theater, photography, street art, poetry... And where, exactly, to find them. Dig in hungry fools.

We are:

Gili Malinsky (founder, editor-in-chief) , a journalist having contributed to The New York Times, MTV News, The Daily Beast, the Village Voice, Refinery29 and many others. She loves her thrift store t-shirts, chocolate ice cream, and Gilda Radner like a lot. 

Ilana Novick (editor, contributor), who writes about art, culture, politics, and the intersection of the three. Her work has appeared in Brooklyn Based, Brokelyn, Policy Shop, and Alternet. She can usually be found at a concert, a comedy show, a movie or searching for the next great pizza.

Silas Valentino, (editor) a music journalist always interested in hearing a new story or song and not discouraged by the cliche that as a writer for various alt-weekly publications, his favorite band is Pavement. He lives in Alphabet City.


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