If you're into poppy Americana, beautiful folk and hearty blues, your Friday night plans have been made. Peter Arvo's Festival of the Hunt is exactly what you're looking for. In his five years playing in New York's rich folk scene, Arvo's collected a community of friends doing something special and unique. Seven acts will play this Friday at 8pm at Littlefield, in what will be the Festival of the Hunt's inaugural  show. Arvo answered a couple of our Qs and we're so psyched that this is happening. 

Peter Arvo, why music festival?

There’s no way to make any money in the music scene these days (in terms of being a recording artist or songwriter). I have friends that are in big bands, they tour the country and play for 3,000 people and then go home and work at a bakery... So this is my way of playing music, generating money and promoting arts that I feel are compelling and deserve to be showcased. 

Why Americana?

It’s a genre that’s not very well represented and organized in New York City. There are these kind of in-between people that play more up-tempo banjo. They play their own songs which, by definition, is leaving the folk genre because you’re essentially supposed to play traditional songs in your own format. It’s kind of an untapped, un-talked about genre that's important because it's organic. You have to learn instruments. You have to play instruments. You have to write songs and entertain people.

Why these musicians?

Because they’re the best ones I found in the city. I guess my thing is songwriting. They’re all really strong songwriters and songwriters don’t get enough attention these days. People who craft an organized sound in such a way that tells some story that’s compelling - that’s like the whole game.

Why "Festival of the Hunt"?

There’s a kind of hunger and pursuit for people trying to express themselves in this country - I’ll do this job for eight hours today, and then go home and have maybe two-to-three good hours to put into my art until I'm exhausted. So every single minute, every single second, every single hour really counts. It puts this hunger, this pursuit, this hunt in people trying to express themselves. The hunt is all about chasing something, right? 


Performing Friday will be Morgan O'Kane, The Daydreamers, Odetta Hartman, Feral Foster, The Greater Jones, 5 Mile String Band and The Messy Beds. Be sure to pop by Littlefield for your fix. These artists are delicious.