no. 7

no. 7


Love at First Sight Relationship

By Gili Malinsky

no. 29

no. 29

Marco Domeniconi is a visual artist here in New York.

Below are a number of his selections,  

some of which will be showcased at the


Below are a also a few of his words ...








Tell us about your relationship to color ... 

It is a love at first sight relationship ...

I am not sure how to describe it,

but I think my paintings

are conversations and color is the language. 



Riders of the F Train 

Riders of the F Train 








What's the day-to-day of a fine artist like?

I read a lot.

Most of my time seems occupied by satisfying

a relentless curiosity about everything.

I read and I walk around looking

at people and objects.

Winter Lakes - Waters of Austria 

Winter Lakes - Waters of Austria 






What's been your highest high in art?

There is a moment,

usually after I clean up and return to see what happened,

when I first experience the artwork ...

The first time it happened,

I felt a rush that moved me to tears.