Where We Eat: olive garden

Welcome to our newest photo series, "Where We Eat," in which artists take us to their favorite eats. Our second installment features TruDee, "a formidable dance artist and storyteller from Tuckahoe, NY," according to her website. She is also the proud and hysterical alter ego of dancer/choreographer Deborah Lohse, who's performed as the character countrywide. TruDee will be dancing  at the United Solo festival in September and took us to the Olive Garden in Times Square ... 

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is TruDee and I perform dance stories. 

Why dance? 

Why not?

Why Olive Garden?

Unlimited. Limitless ... Did you know that if you don't finish your bottle of wine they will put it in a special to-go bag complete with a zip lock and a handle? I can't. They are just so thoughtful. On Valentine's Day a few years ago at this very Olive Garden, I was in a wedding. Well, not really in the wedding but seated in the section where a wedding and reception took place. I watched their vows from just over my salad bowl. Love can happen anywhere and I think there is something good about starting a marriage in a place that celebrates abundance. 

What's something we should always remember always?

Everyone loves a handwritten letter in their mailbox.

Some time after the interview, TruDee notified us that her new favorite restaurant is actually this one.

All photos by  Maddy Talias

All photos by Maddy Talias