What's your intent: movies

By Gili Malinsky

Stage 1: the planning. Stage 2: am I ready yet? Stage 3: the prep work. Stage 4: the panic. Stage 5: the final report. These are the stages of meeting your boyfriend's parents. At least according to Elite Daily's video on the matter and Lauren Ireland's colorful, inspired scripting, directing, producing and acting. Ireland spent several years creating the site's light and millennial-relevant 5 Stages videos covering everything from making a booty call to making a budget. Most recently, the filmmaker's been telling her own stories (independent of the site), like that of happy-go-lucky Turyn living in a surrealist world and the naming department of nail polish company Essie. All of the Ireland below ...

So you started writing material for yourself in high school.

I did speech and debate. I did original oratory and ranked tenth in the nation - it's essentially a ten-minute stand up set about an issue and cause that you’re really passionate about.  

What's your ultimate goal with these quirky videos?

I would like to be able to have a hand in changing dialogue ... When I first started working at Elite Daily, I think I gave myself an ulcer because I was like, what is this specific word - is this gonna help or harm? Everything you do, every action that you do has an effect on people and I think we all have a responsibility to be very conscious [of that].

So you really think about every decision in your filmmaking.

I think I’m big on intent. Why are you doing this? What's the point of this joke? What's the point of choosing this piece of clothing? What’s the point of choosing this camera angle? 

Is there an artist that's really blowing your mind right now?

I just read Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow. Every interview I was a-light with excitement. Like, oh, yeah, this is why I love doing what I do ... How great is it that we can have this freedom of expression and all these people that really honed their craft - dick jokes or absurd humor or political humor - against everything else [they] were like  - I'm gonna keep at it. 

Catch Ireland's work on YouTube, like upcoming short films bride tribe and turyn goes to the club! 

Photo by  Alex Schaefer

Photo by  Alex Schaefer