Where We Eat: Mo

Welcome to our newest photo series, "Where We Eat," in which artists take us to their favorite eats and share stories of their hustling, colorful lives. Our first installment features comedic actress and writer Mo Fry Pas. Mo's all over the underground (at Brett Davis's local access TV show, at the whimsical Annoyance Theatre, at UCB ...) with her honed, clear delivery.  Specifically, you can see her on February 6th at Union Hall for her very own solo show. As a vegan, Mo took us to The Butcher's Daughter. 

So, Mo, where you from?

I’m from Madison, Wisconsin.

When did it click for you that you wanted to be in comedy?


There’s never been a moment where it’s clicked ... I always wanted to act. I’ve always wanted to be performing .

[In high school] I adored the showmanship of playing volleyball ... man, I was a performer on that Goddamn court. I would growl. Looking back I'm, like, oh, I was doing  a set ... My nickname in high school was "chainsaw."

Do you think being an athlete helped your creative career in some way? 

I think having played sports, I have this outlook of nothing’s ever gonna click. You just work hard continually. You keep your head down, you train, you train, you train, so if an opportunity comes to have success you’re ready. 

What are you working on right now?

Billy Prince is a character [in a script] I’m working on right now. She’s an astrophysicist at NASA and she’s created a team to get us to Mars ... Her name, I love so much because it’s inspired by Billy Jean King, who is an amazing tennis player and feminist icon - when I’m feeling down I watch videos of Billy Jean King - and it's a nod to Prince as well.

You've said you could see yourself writing in the tone of movies like The Lobster, which is hilarious in it's very dark absurdity.

That’s where comedy lives. In sad. 

Totally. Why vegan and why Butcher's Daughter? 

It’s purely for a carbon footprint choice ... I used to feel guilty if I didn’t recycle a bottle and that’s a pretty small impact. Being vegan I can save, what,  18 gallons of water a day? That was an easy decision for me … I think [Butcher's Daughter does] beautiful things with vegetables and shows people that maybe meat or dairy don't need to be the star of the meal. And you can do some dank ass shit with veggies. 


All photos by  Maddy Talias  

All photos by Maddy Talias