Where We Live: Steven

Welcome to the fourth installment of "Where We Live," a photo essay showing New York artists in their homes. In writing our stories, we realized we wanted to get real. We wanted to give a sense of what it's really like to live these lives. This series features ten different artists across the city and across disciplines. Readers, meet Steven ...

Name: Steven DeSiena

Hood: Astoria

Discipline: Writing, producing, music composing

You're an incredible organizer of the comedy community. One show artists mention a lot is No Jokes Allowed, and this year there was the science fair and now Spooky Bits. Why create these fun, cooky frameworks? I think in order to really capture the spirit of what me and my friends are trying to do there needs to be some surprising extra bit.

So what's hard about it? I grew up feeling like I needed to be secure in my 20s and 30s ... I do business process management for a major retail corporation [by day] ... There's gonna have to be a breaking point where [I] decide I have to stop doing comedy, or I have to completely change my lifestyle. And like focus on it. That's my quote unquote struggle. 

So what's the end goal? Great question. Because I don’t know the answer.

What are you working on now? I had this idea to write a full soundtrack to a fake movie. I’m writing about an hour and twenty minutes worth of music. I haven’t told anybody about this except for you. 

All photos by  Maddy Talias  

All photos by Maddy Talias