Where We Live: Eryn & Jason

Welcome to the sixth installment of "Where We Live," a photo essay showing New York artists in their homes. In writing our stories, we realized we wanted to get real. We wanted to give a sense of what it's really like to live these lives. This series features ten different artists across the city and across disciplines. Readers, meet Eryn & Jason ...

Names: Eryn Murman & Jason Hite

Hood: West Village

Discipline: Music

So you guys are in a band called 5j Barrow. Eryn, tell me about writing that first song together. So we were in this living room and I had a bunch of words that I really wanted to start with ... Right away Jason changed the tuning on his guitar and started playing around and chills kind of came all over my body because I was like -  he's hearing the song in [a similar world] to what I had made up on my own.

Jason, tell me about some of the music you heard growing up. I was raised - in the car we had a station, 104.1 Hot, which was this classic rock radio station [playing music] from the 60s and 70s.

Eryn, what's a band 5j Barrow's really into? The Avett Brothers. I'd seen them live for the first time in 2009  ... Their showmanship was just badass. I'd never really seen a live performance like that.

Jason, I know at the core of your music-loving is that whatever music the artist puts out there, it has to represent their true self. What's your music-making philosophy? If the electricity goes out and you’re not a band … you’re not a band.

All photos by  Maddy Talias

All photos by Maddy Talias