Welcome to the seventh installment of "Where We Live," a photo essay showing New York artists in their homes. In writing our stories, we realized we wanted to get real. We wanted to give a sense of what it's really like to live these lives. This series features ten different artists across the city and across disciplines. Readers, meet Kevin ... And make sure to check out his new web series, the Flatbush Misdemeanors

Name: Kevin Iso

Hood: Clinton Hill

Discipline: Comedy

So you started your career doing stand-up in college in Seguin, Texas. When did you know this was the thing? 

Another stand-up - I was reading a book - he was like, "the fuck, you readin'? You wanna be a doctor or you wanna be a comedian?"

What?! That doesn't make any sense ... 

I know, he was just stupid ... in the moment he was right but overall, nah.

So you realized you were taking this seriously and moving to New York, which you did in 2013. What are your first memories of comedy here? 

I would go to the Knitting Factory - I just really wanted to get on that stage - every single Sunday [when I first got here] and stand behind in the comics' section where Hannibal [Buress] and them were and just, like, watch ... I saw Louis there for the first time. I saw Chapelle there for the first time. I saw Chris [Rock] there for the first time ... I was there for, like,  eight months and then finally [Hannibal] was drunk as shit (it was November of 2013) and he was just throwing comedians up and he popped up behind me and he was like, "hey, you wanna go do some time?" I was like, uh, yeah ... 

So cool. What's the hardest thing about doing comedy?

The hardest part is believing that it’ll happen. It’s not even that hard, though. It’s harder for me to stop. 

All photos by  Maddy Talias

All photos by Maddy Talias