Where We Live: Nicholas

Welcome to the first installment of "Where We Live," a photo essay showing New York artists in their homes. In writing our stories, we realized we wanted to get real. We wanted to give a sense of what it's really like to live these lives. This series will feature eight different artists across the city and across disciplines. Readers, meet Nicholas ...

Name:  Nicholas Ranauro (@dancecandy_)

Hood: Upper West Side

Discipline: Dancer/choreographer 

Tough moment in dance: I got cast in [Broadway's] An American in Paris right after I graduated [from Juilliard]. Six days before the job started I got a call that they cut my track. 

Dance in our lives: I think that dance is therapeutic. It's silly and I think it can be just beautiful. And it's using nothing other than what you have. 

Your brand: I’m teaching my own style - dancecandy ... For me what’s interesting is the crossover between concert dance ... and commercial dance, which is what you see on TV and in music videos. And how the worlds can be bridged. 

Greatest lesson in art: I used to have to know what was coming next. I've been getting better at relaxing about that because you have to be flexible and trust the universe. When you’re a dancer you rarely find employment that lasts longer than a couple months.